Quick Look at what I’m spinning next…. Urchin

On the bobbin is the urchin scrapbox from Namaste Farms.





I’m trying to spin this like Natalie spun her “silk scrumple” scrapbox yarn
This photo is credited and belongs to Namaste Farms


Isn’t it amazing!!!? Her handspun is amazing for many reasons, but the styling she can do is like none other. She can do original things with yarn, you won’t find anywhere, like I spoke of in my blog about Mink, this is yet another example of the way she inspires. I really want to learn how to spin something, at least resembling this… It’s amazing, and in person… It’s just the coolest handspun ever. So I’m giving it my best shot…
Thank you Natalie for such amazing art and inspiration.
Imitation is the biggest form of flattery they say… But nothing is more important to me than giving full credit to where this yarn I’m going for comes from. It’s all Natalie Redding.


Here is my attempt thus far…
Let me tell you, this is labor intensive for me, and very slow going.
To do a thick and thin single, all while adding in, curls, sparkles, ribbons etc.. Just spinning this as a single, one time through and keeping it balanced and stable …. We shall see, it’s my first go
Here are some bobbin shots





Look at these locks.. And don’t worry, the scissors were to cut the silk ribbon into smaller bits


I can’t wait to see how it comes out, it’s no silk scrumple yarn style, just yet, but the colors of this Urchin Scrapbox, are seriously luscious.
It’s gonna be another special skein, I just know it! I couldn’t wait to finish the yarn to share.
Wish me luck!

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