Fibery Goodness S3 course musings…

I’ve been a student of Fibery Goodness courses starting this year… And I’m in love. 

When I saw the newest S3 course come out I was immediately intrigued. I had not taken any of the previous courses (like, Journey to the Golden Fleece) so I was late to the game.. But I’m here now. In my 3rd course πŸ™‚

I’m actually taking two courses simultaneously. I can not get enough! It’s brilliant!

I was so excited about this new FiberyGoodness course, I actually started out s3 before I even got the materials. If that’s possible… 

I was making plans for what I was going to do just based on the teaser picture of the book cover and the course name “spin sketch scribe..”

Since my excitement of the possibilities of this had me planning prematurely, (not having any idea how the course worked, and I shared my thoughts/story ideas and plots with Suzy-having no idea how the course works, not having taken it yet- and bless her heart she was always totally encouraging!! Never said it didn’t work quite like that, never tried to conform my ideas. Looking back, at my conversations she always complimented and said I really like where this is going – but the whole time I was totally unaware of how the courses are done, and I had all these other ideas but truly needed to wait and take the course. Suzy was so beautifully kind and never said, wooooah slow down, wait and see.. And instead just encouraged the creativity )

Then I got the text…

which I printed up and wow it made a

BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BOOK!!! The book explains each of the modules…

And each module is a yarn to spin. Very specific yarns. Challenges. 

Then the module videos started coming out..

These are icing on the cake. Arlene sings, and information about the module is discussed, books are recommended, goodies are shown, and history is given…. Fun stuff

Well, this changed everything.

One would think, if it wasn’t what I had thought or planned, was there disappointment?

Noooo, first – my preplanned possibilities were met with open arms but I soon discovered, my ideas were able to be expanded on, opened up to endless possibilities and inspiration for creativity added and

Reading the text and Watching these s3 videos with Arlene Thayer and Suzy Brown are so captivating!!!

I am seriously eating up the history and wow this module with the cotton….

 My mom is a huge history buff (majored in it, vacationed to certain places heavy with history, belonged to history groups etc just as involved and intense as our fiber groups) and she is huge on facts regarding war, be it tactics and reasons why it started or how it ended, what was gained or lost and it is soooo lovely to be able to have a dialogue with my mom, that we got to blab on and on about spinning and fiber but involve history topics that very much intrigued her (being able to add to her knowledge base, she knew some already but not all.. And that was awesome) 
When we have a passion/love aka obsession for something, who doesn’t love to talk about it.. But let’s face fact, my constant fiber talk isn’t always met with the interest from the other party haha bless my family’s heart for listening to me ramble.. it can be difficult to talk/listen about fiber with a person who doesn’t share that passion, let alone to the degree I can spout off about it. 

So to be able to connect two separate topics (an in depth history that included war tactics with fiber, so my mom and I could both engage in topics we loved was neat and precious.) What a bonus!!

With the knowledge attained from the modules, I was given this extra treasure. 

These modules are amazing…

So many new things and choices choices…

Initially for this module, I saw this perfect item I could purchase for the fabric yarn, in a craft store. 

After the video however I changed my mind. I thought surely I have something to recycle… Something with history, maybe even special.

And bam, that old sarong I have from a vacation to Mexico, so many moons ago. I haven’t touched in years but won’t part with it as a vacation memory, a momento. Now, what an absolutely lovely way to keep my sarong as a vacation memory and get to make a yarn that has a story of its own… This course has had me thinking in so many directions… 

My original…plan well needless to say, I’ve changed the book ideas, the theme, or which story to go with or to tell all the stories and every video that they put out for these modules along the way has been so important for me in this process. Having my initial ideas, then reading the text, then the video comes adding inspiration and a lovely challenge, ultimately to end up with exactly what it’s meant to be. This is a million times better then what I imagined. 
In my early conversation with Suzy, when I really had no idea, she had asked me a question (which now I understand, she asked “do you think you can make it work with the modules?” )While I said yes… I was still clueless but….

I totally get it now 

and it is so soooo much awesomeness and like I’ve said, the initial idea I had has morphed and expanded, making it so much better. 

These modules actually make me dig deeper and it’s slowed me down to being behind but that’s ok because I’m absolutely adoring the journey. It’s made each yarn more thoughtful and important.

It’s sketch spin scribe. I had it backwards and was limiting myself. For my book, each yarn is what I am able to scribe after, is a story about a spinner, one main yarn for each spinner and her fictional (some of the fiction is based on parts of a real thing that may have taken place) but mostly I can say, the story is made up. At first I was going to do the whole shebang about one spinner one story all the yarns …

but that question suzy posed “can i make it fit with the modules??”

Cha Ching light bulb over my head aha moment I now understand, I didn’t then.. But now I get it.

So now instead of writing the story first and making the yarn fit(although a few stories I’ve written, will fit in with a modules yarn at some point ) but now the creative process has changed and the yarn is what will determine the story of that spinner.
I’m so thankful I was not left to my idea only as ultimately I believe could have actually hindered the yarn making process. now I’m taking in all the information in that modules lesson and that inspires the yarn, which now inspires me to write the yarns story for that spinner. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how this course has developed
Even the pre written stories will change based on the yarn I spin. It all goes hand in hand.
I don’t think it hurt me to get excited and quite ahead of myself before truly understanding how the course goes as its my first course like this and I didn’t know what to expect. I must say the course really opens up new ideas and creativity so while I could have probably made it work the initial way I had gone into it, I’m so glad I have the tools and information packed into these modules so i get to explore and learn more about the yarn and delve deeper into the spinners story.

Even to the point of whether that spinners story is spinning just to spin because she loves it and wants to, versus, spinning out of pure necessity.

How many spinners stories are spinning was work, that they possibly didn’t enjoy.
Someone I’m very close to (who is not old in years by the way-that may be subjective, but to give an example they are not of age to retire from work so under retirement age in USA) 

Her story comes from not that long ago…

She grew up having to spin and knit, wool socks and underwear for clothing…

Out of necessity. You can imagine….

When she saw I’m doing it for fun and have a passion for it, she totally did not understand. 

She could not fathom how it could be fun.. And that was because she had to do it out of necessity. She had nostalgic memories seeing my wheel and was interested in having one…. Not to use, she didn’t want it for anything other then decoration. She was a spinner and that’s her story. Not all spinners stories are like mine (a happy pastime) obviously… But my brain didn’t think that way until she started telling me her feelings (especially now that she doesn’t have to spin for her own clothes) although there are those that spun yarn out of necessity and loved it. These modules bring a fantastic history and I get new ideas with each one.
I can’t thank Suzy and Arlene of

For the opportunity they gave me to take this course.

As mentioned earlier, I am also taking Natalie Reddings dying courses offered by Fibery Goodness. 

I can’t speak highly enough of their programs. This is absolutely the most fantastic venue giving people around the world the ability to take live courses with stellar teachers, combined with a community of brilliant and creative wonderful students. It’s really been a wonderful experience throughout and I’ll be sticking with whatever Fibery Goodness continues to offer as its one of those things as a fiber addict you really don’t want to miss out on.

Once you have a taste…

You know what you are missing!! I don’t want to miss a thing..

Now I have that song stuck in my head πŸ™‚
If you were thinking about taking a course, do it!
As I move along these courses I will undoubtedly share more, but want to be careful not to give away too much. So hard too as I want to talk about it, but my little book is kind of a surprise…

Considering I’m still surprising myself as each module is presented!!

Love peace and fiber grease!!! Trishys

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