Made with compassion….

I am making winter hats for refugees through the non profit org, Allied Aid.

My mom volunteers in the group. She went to a group activity, where  they made hats by cutting fabric and sewing the pattern. They collect hats for all ages.  I too, wanted to contribute, so I got started crocheting and weaving squares. The squares are being made on a little Weave It Loom a dear friend sent to me, which I just love!!

Weaving these squares is addicting. Anytime my hand and wrist started to get tired or sore from crochet, I’d stop and weave a square. 

I finished the crochet hat

I finished this in a day. In between, mind you, I was making progress with the woven hat simultaneously. Very quick project and really like how it turned out.

I fashioned the squares to make a woven version. I’m getting a great response on the style of the hats. They really would be adorable on a kidlets head. 

They are infant – toddler size. The crochet version is bigger and has more stretch.

I once made a newborn hat pattern and it was too small for my newborn nephew. It ended up being used as a beanie for his older sisters doll. (Which I love!) 

The lesson from that project was, if I’m not checking gauge, then make sure that it falls within range this chart gives for head circumference. I used WHO chart graphs, to ensure that this time my hats would fit a child.

One thought on “Made with compassion….

  1. I love that you are doing this, Trisha. It is such a wonderful way to give back to others, and I am sure they are very grateful for the special hand made hats you are sending them. When I saw your post on Facebook about this, my first thought was that I’d love to donate some hats as well… because it’s so kind and compassionate. Now, If I can only find the time… I’ll do it! You are an inspiration.

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