My DIY Fiber Tools

As you all know, this craft, this hobby (apocalyptic life skill) can be super expensive so wherever possible I’ve turned to DIY. It’s really nice to have all the different tools for fiber, it is even nicer when I’ve saved $$$.

Everyone has seen the pvc niddy noddy. But have you seen a repurposed desk fan be a bobbin winder?

The pvc swift seems to be popular. I hope this helps inspire anyone needing to save some cash on their tools of the trade. I’m a big fan of the dollar store, pet slicker brush as flick carder or hand cards. I’d love comments hearing what you have made as well as a link if you want to share.

Here are some of mine…

One thought on “My DIY Fiber Tools

  1. It’s funny… I have fancy wool carders and actually PREFER the $3 dog hair carders I bought at the local super market. I have a few expensive tools that look a lot prettier than my DIY tools, but don’t really work any better. I say save money and DIY!

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