All the rage over Namaste Farms new products, my favorite being Dirty Bastard


Last night on Namaste Farms Blog Talk Radio show, Natalie and Kimberly, the shows hilarious duo, discuss Namaste Farms latest products, one of them, aptly named, DIRTY BASTARD. True to form and comedic style..

You can listen to the show which aired 6/19/2014 here….

Natalie talks about her new product, Dirty Bastard! (A pretreatment to an also new wool shampoo)
I think it’s pretty clear we are all excited about the results she is getting on her dirtiest, greasiest, felted, stinky, think of the worst (yes, she even mentions male cat urine that had sprayed and ruined her fleece, was saved from the trash) sheep ram eau du toilette, more, more, etc etc fleeces all brilliantly washed squeaky clean without losing the handle, that so often, over scouring can become problematic, in these cases. Now, looks like we have a solution. We have needed an amazing wool wash, and I think we can all agree, this product can’t come out soon enough. Here is the difference, the wash is a shampoo.

Let me tell you, from the description, the wool shampoo, is amazing. It doesn’t require the large amounts of water we are all so used to. What’s crazy is, we heard mostly about Dirty Bastard, which is a rescue, if the wool shampoo is just as awesome, we are going to have even more beautiful fleeces, and less mistakes being made. Making your raw, dirty wool – even more clean and gorgeous, without losing that handle.

Even if you have a real mess of a fleece on your hands, even if you have felted your wool in previous washings, from other soap options we have had, being a little over zealous, trying to get your fleeces clean, Dirty Bastard is a rescue, and can save us the frustration and our fleece, in a single use.

A pre treatment, that actually can and will, unfelt ones accident, and get those locks back into your control. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of this.
After you listen to the show, you will too. Strange as it sounds, if you deal with fleece, locks, dyeing, fiber period, you will be saying,

“Omg I want Dirty Bastard”.

This is game changing, my fiber, fleece and lock loving, friends. It’s a water saving, make your magnificent fleece glow clean bright and fresh, game changer.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more info, and of course, its release.
These products can’t come soon enough. Listen to the show for more info, I won’t say it all here, go listen to the link above.
Namaste Farms, my mind is blown. I can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “All the rage over Namaste Farms new products, my favorite being Dirty Bastard

    1. I have had luck unfelting mildy felted wool however… Namaste Farms had another product that was not released. I’m not sure if she decided against releasing it altogether or if she wanted to concentrate on the wash and dye and dirty bastard first.

      Each of these products took years to bring to fruition and doing it all her own with no help from anyone all while not amassing a huge debt was a feat unto itself.
      Her products released thus far have been game changing in not only scouring or washing and conditioning fleece in a whole new way, while making the fiber dye more vibrantly then ever before, she still has not released yet another product she has. She will not put out a product that is inferior and I imagine when she does put any further products out, it’ll be right up there with the first too.
      Believe me I want desperately any new products she releases as she has made my fiber life more easy, more fun, get colors that pop and altogether are what I believe to be the future of fiber arts.

      If she comes out with another product believe me I will be shouting from the rooftops and blogging. I’ll make a video of the magic.. That’s the only way I could describe the experience as being magic. So hang tight.
      Namaste farms is bringing our fiber community things no one thought possible and I doubt she is done. I’ve seen it, experienced it. So it exists but unless it’s perfect she won’t bring it to market. Which is amazing, her products are backed by her 100% and she doesn’t settle. Very trust worthy

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