Tail/lock spinning with a small orifice

I made this video to show how I spin locks and leave dangling curls with my small kiwi orifice and 4ounce bobbin.

Before I had any wheels that had the specs for more bulky and textured yarns, I really wanted to try spinning locks and having the curls dangle. I wanted tailspun. While I couldn’t have a yarn any thicker than my orifice, I made it work with thin yarns. I spun it just like I would spin a traditional yarn. I didn’t core spin or anything fancy. I just spun it the way I knew how like it was a traditional yarn. I did spin much longer locks but lamb locks and thin locks worked the best for my orifice. I made this video to show a friend how I did it and thought I’d share it here..

As far as plying, sometimes I would make two bobbins full and then ply them together for twice the dangley locks, or I’d thread ply but most often I’d leave it as a single, and it was fine as a single. You can see in the video even the smallest orifice can fit this size art yarn. So give it a try. I’m spinning blue faced leister lamb locks. And the orange locks are mohair.


Handspun adventures… 06/04/2014

imageThis is one of a kind, no one can ever reproduce this yarn exactly as it is… It’s 100% original



This is Malabrigo Nube in the Pocion colorway. I purchased this braid of fiber online at http://www.theloopyewe.com. It is 4 ounces of 100% merino wool top. Soft, oh, sooo soft. A very easy spin, although, I spun a very thin worsted single, so it seemed to take forever.

Merino can be difficult for some, as it’s got a shorter staple length, to those I would say, adjust your intake so it isn’t pulling the fiber too hard and you can take your sweet time getting used to drafting the fiber without having to worry about it breaking and making a run for it, away to the bobbin.

I loved the way this was dyed, with the short color repeats. Again, pretty much ensuring no 2 spinners will be able to duplicate this yarn. The way the colors mesh and meld together making new colors while one spins. I love dye jobs like this. I love Malabrigo yarn as well. I had picked this colorway in fiber to spin as I have the yarn version as well, which to me, looks absolutely nothing like the yarn does. Below is Malabrigo Arroyo in Pocion, purchased on my birthday from the LYS Fengari in Half Moon Bay, CA.


I’d bet the same colors were used when dying, but its a different medium, and a different outcome. I love them both. Just beware, when purchasing the same colorway in yarn and fiber, the two may not, and probably wont, look the same. I had hoped for a similarity at the very least, what I ended up with I love even more.


photo above showing from start to finish…. now what to make with the 477yards I ended up with…